Whelped: 4/18/2006

Ch R-Dans Sonny Boy, OFA 
Dam: Caymans Sweet Serena, OFA
Owners: Gene Garrett & Randall Martin
E-mail: ggarrett262000@gmail.com

Chad's Pedigree

Chad has had to change handlers a couple of times and is not at the top of the list yet for Wendy Bettis to take him in for the points. As soon as she does I do not think it will take long to finish my boy. Many thanks to Diane Mallet for training and starting Chad's career. I'd also like to thank Sonda Peterson who has filled in for the shows that Wendy did not attend, and for putting 8 points on Chad.

A big Thanks! to Rand for all his support. An additional thank you goes to Lisa for all the time she spends walking and bathing Chad.

I also want to offer many, many thanks to
Sydney Brown of Cayman Boxers. Sydney's love of boxers and fierce spirit (not unlike the breed she loves so much!) is a guiding light for many newcomers into Boxers and the sometimes challenging world of Showing.
There is not enough space or time to tell you
how much she means to us and  has done for us.

Chad's wins to date:

Class 1st: 20 
ReserW: 4 times
WD: 6 in a row (all single points)
BOW: 3 times
At 12 months,  Chad also made the cut at
ABC KY against the "big boys"!

Winner of Sweepstakes at Sacramento!


Chad's Photo History

Caymans Sunny Side Up

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