Are you looking for a Cayman Boxer?

I continually get inquiries from people looking to add a Cayman Boxer to their home. Many times I don't know anything about the person asking, and I screen potential puppy buyers carefully! Filling this out will help you (and me) find the best Cayman Boxer for your needs!

Please Note: Puppies Listed may have already been placed PRIOR to your inquiry. I do not guarantee having pups available that are listed on my site.

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How did you come across my webpage?

What city do you live in?

What state?

How many adults in your household?

Do you have any children?
Yes       No

If yes, do you have boys and/or girls and what are their ages?

What type of dwelling do you live in?
House      Apartment/Condo     On acreage

If you rent, will your landlord allow pets?
Yes      No

Have you ever owned a Boxer?
Yes     No

Do you have any other pets?
Yes     No

If you answered "yes", please tell me what type of pets you have.

Have you ever been faced with not being able to keep a pet?
Yes    No

If you answered "yes", please tell me what happened:

Do you have a fenced in yard?
Yes    No

If you answered "no", please tell me how you'll keep your pet confined when outside:

If your dog is to be left home alone, how will it be confined?
In a crate    In the bathroom    Loose in the house
In the backyard    In a kennel    Tied up

Approximately how long will your dog be left home alone?
An adult is almost always home   Less than 4 hours   4 to 8 hours
8 to 10 hours    Over 10 hours

What color Boxer do you prefer?
Fawn    Brindle    White   No preference

What sex do you prefer?
Male    Female    No preference

What age do you prefer?
Under 4 months old    Up to a year old    An adult

Will you wait for the right puppy?
Yes   No

What type of activities do you want to share with your Boxer? (check all that apply)
A trusted pet and companion   Taking my Boxer everywhere with me!
Breeding    Conformation Showing
Obedience Trials    Tracking Tests    Agility Trials
Therapy Dog (visiting nursing homes, etc)     Schutzhund Trials

If you are planning on eventually breeding this Boxer, please explain why:

Do you have experience breeding and whelping Boxers?
Yes    No

Are you willing to purchase out of your area or state?
Yes    No

Are you interested in adopting a rescue Boxer?
Yes    No

Would you like me to forward your request to other breeders across the country?
Yes    No

What will you do if your Boxer becomes ill and needs medical attention?

Do you have any other questions I can help you with?

Thank you for taking the time to give me information about you and your search
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Thank you for visiting my website and considering adding a Cayman Boxer to your life!